The well-being of our guests can not be separated from the environment that surrounds us.

The first effort to achieve eco-sustainability was made during the design phase.

The building, created with a dry structure and with reduced use of concrete, is extremely airy, fully integrated into the surrounding landscape and at the same time innovative.

Thanks to the orientation towards the south and the windows made with athermic windows, it guarantees a high level of thermal insulation.

You can find the enchantment for the beauty of nature in every room: from the use of natural materials such as wood and Botticino marble, to non-chemical water-based paints.

Preserving the environment that surrounds us and contributing at the same time to the development and promotion of the territory and local communities, is part of our philosophy. Consistently with the commitment to CO2 reduction, 80% of the suppliers and craftsmen involved in the construction are local (to be understood at Km 0).
The use of cutting-edge technologies that reduce energy consumption gave us the opportunity to combine beauty, comfort and services with the maximum respect for the environment, thanks to an efficient use of energy and an intelligent exploitation of clean and renewable sources of energy.
The solar panels of the photovoltaic system feed the heat pump power plant and the system that manages the pool independently, producing annually about 12,000 kWh.
Further savings potentials are given by home automation systems. In particular the management of lighting, accesses and shutters are managed by software that uses the information of a motion detector, in order to reduce energy losses.
Much of the rainwater is collected in storage tanks and reused for irrigation of green areas.
To further reduce the environmental impact of waste, we have implemented some important actions:
• Commitment to reduce the production of waste
• Use of recycled materials
• Proper disposal of waste and special waste
• Use of management software to minimize paper archives
One of our goals is to make our guests aware of the respect for the environment so that our presence has a minimal impact on the environment and on the beauty of the places that surround us:
the smoking ban is implemented in all areas of the structure, as established by Italian law and in line with our philosophy of well-being. It is a gesture of respect towards people who do not smoke and helps to maintain good air quality.

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